Internet Equality is the brainchild of Internet pioneer Leland Hardy, the Founder and Original Registrant of, and Cindy Findley, a Phoenix, AZ philanthropist and former Product Manager at the world's largest domain name registrar. Born out of Mr. Hardy's pioneering efforts in Website development and domain name ownership, and Ms. Findley's recognition that the masses, particularly the world's poor, are increasingly being left out of the Internet revolution, was established to champion its eponymous purpose - to promote Internet equality – and to make available to those who have the least access to technology, all of the information and tools they need to participate in the dynamic, life changing promise that is the Internet. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose express purpose is to empower individuals and organizations to take advantage of all of the resources and capabilities that the Internet offers. Through advocacy, event sponsorship, and information delivery, aims to make as many as possible of the Internet's free and low cost services available to communities around the world that have traditionally not had access to such services. is really a movement, not just an organization. First of all, we believe that, perhaps more than anything in history before it, the Internet represents opportunity. Evidences of that opportunity, i.e. the creation of unbridled wealth on the Web and the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs, range from the mega-million dollar Internet-based business enterprises like Google, Yahoo!, YouTube and at one end of the spectrum, to, at the other end of the spectrum, the small basket weaver in Darfur, Sudan who receives a $300 micro-loan and can use $10 of that loan to purchase a domain name so that she can sell her wares on line. To help users save money when making various domain related purchases, we have created discount codes for use with our preferred registrar, Please use savings code IE1 for 10% off your entire order, IE2 to pay $7.99 and save $3 off of the standard $10.99 price for .COM domain names, and IE3 to save $5 on orders of $30 or more.

The idea began as one man's idea and has quickly become a source of empowerment for many. As the Internet network grows, so, too, does the need to help others become a part of it. Please join us.